0-0 • Industreality

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Author krashio
Tags author:krashio designdream tiles tileset unrated
Created 2014-04-11
Last Modified 2015-08-30
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Description A reintroduction to the ever changing style of my maps, finally I'm back on here and creating nice things again. Credit if you use these tiles.

Part of the Designers Dream Set [].

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nice tileset. :)

I know, my comment came a little bit too late. 5/5
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I'll be growing through a number of my maps and delisting various ones due to the fact they don't represent what I want to be anymore.

Look forward to the new improved me soon. c:

Welcome back man

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nice tiles..

dunno if sub-200 is possible...
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Welcome back!
Though you wouldn't know me.
Cool tiles, and I like the title too.