C.L. Grotto

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags action author:tempus_fugit grotto rated
Created 2014-06-04
Last Modified 2014-06-04
by 10 people.
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Description Map! Apologies for not being so active lately — just moved to Washington and started an internship, so I'm busy getting settled in. Should have plenty of free time starting next week.


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Despite that, this plays really well. 4.5^/5
i mean that in a good way. it's obvious that you come from the earlier generation of mappers.
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Loved it!

Very well coordinated tiles and objects. The chaingun was perfect!
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cloud. -sunlight, drama (incl gameplay) and platforms which look like paper airplanes taking you up :D


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Wonderful map

Those chambers were really well designed. The gauss worked well and that chain gun added neat challenge when jumping from one side to the other.
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