The Drapery Falls

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Author StreetsAhead
Tags author:streetsahead race rated
Created 2014-06-21
Last Modified 2014-06-21
by 9 people.
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Description Personally, I think this is the best race I've ever made.

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Liked this race overall, but disliked the gold



Or two I guess

Was looking at ratings lol


Glad atleast one person saw the map :P

Feels like Riobe

Really really awesome, keep it up man! 5aved.


60fps and built in hosted user levels. Tons of players playing all the time and tons of new maps being submitted every day (very few of them races!!)

Download here: []


I'm not bothered at all if there's a quicker route in my races :P usually they're cheatable, which adds another layer of depth for speedruns or what have you. Just my opinion :P
Also whats v2?

It's a little quicker to not follow the flow at the start, you should probably have fixed that somehow.

Good map none the less though!

We need some race makers over at v2 - perhaps you could consider posting some maps there!
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You probably won't need one though.
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