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Author blacklef
Tags action author:blacklef npoints nv2.0 playable unrated
Created 2014-08-14
Last Modified 2014-08-14
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Description This is my first map uploaded to NUMA. This map was used in NPoints Contest (N 2.0) week 11. I can't say many about this map, since I don't know how you - community - describe maps, I just like using squares as main tile in my maps :)
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this map is cheatable!!!

(I'm not judging M&R's programming ability all the way back then, I'm just surprised that they didn't fix many things early on) -Those bugs and glitches often make it a challenge to publish N2 maps on to Numa, but some are interesting and are liked by a lot of people on here

I read what you wrote to Tommy, there is a highscoreboard (which is an advanced one cause it links to this )on Nreality which is an improved version of n1.4 that someone made I think in collaboration with Metanet or anyhow, there are many extra in game levels (not userlevels). What amazes me is realising that n1.4 is a forth update and its still so badly made
in their irc channel
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Ok so first thanks for positive feedback, second the penis shape was not intended (it looks like castle damnit! :P).
@Tommy_Wiseau : I have posted some answers on Telephonecomplex

The gold is pretty tough to collect. Rest gameplay is pretty fine. You should learn making the map glitch-proof! :D
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we've been a bit dead for quite some time now, how is 2.0 compared to NUMA? is it more lively?

lol we're so curious

Re: the map,

I think it's cruelly difficult but looks nice and has some fun parts. You're on the right track - just make sure you can get all the gold, and that you have fun doing it. :) NR
A lot of us over here are pretty jaded that M+R did nothing to integrate our community into 2.0, or even to pay attention to what we wanted from the game. But 2.0 has clearly found an audience. As a community, what do you think of us? How much do you know about us? What do you think about our maps? How many NUMA maps have you played, and how much have you delved into past maps (with featured maps, etc.)? What do you think about NUMA? How do y'all communicate with one another? Have you played 1.4 or nreality? If so, what do you think of them? Does your community attract people with a similar sort of personality? If so, what is it like? Or, is there even much of a community there?

Sorry to inundate you with questions, I just think the idea of a separate community is fascinating. Don't worry about answering if you don't feel want to. But if you do, comment on one of my maps so I get a notification. :)
death demo
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welcome to numa

we'll add this to the gallery of maps with penis shapes in them