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Author SnakeekanS
Tags author:snakeekans minejumper nv2.0 unrated
Created 2014-10-05
Last Modified 2014-10-05
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Description Map made in Nv2.0

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speedy 1.4

Demo Data

okay, i see they've fixed the one-way walljump bug, but most of my points still stand; for example, you can get the gold in the middle section by slipping over the right-facing one-way, which seems unintentional due to the omitted up-facing one-way above the gold


Seems like we really enjoy different things. XD


I take on those comments BUT I didn't make the map for 1.4

first try AGD

this map has a number of unnecessary safeguards and one-ways that fail to serve their intended purpose (some of which i demonstrated in the demo); combining that with the long loading time and the very lackluster design, the highest i can rate this is 2/5
Demo Data
Not a map for fast AGD or speedruns. Just fine for playing. Some jumps were challenging and I had to think how to deal with them. This really deserves 5/5