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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff jumper rated
Created 2015-01-08
Last Modified 2015-01-08
by 10 people.
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Description Jumper, uses only 5- and E-tiles. Playtested by golfkid.

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Re: innov

Both lifdoff and myself saw that when I was playtesting, and most of the result from my testing was changing that top right area. That cj was much easier to reach those tiles in the original version that he gave me to test.

Also, good luck on the exams and I'm looking forward to seeing your return :)

Oh hey golf, I'm currently in exams which is why Im barely playing, and letting people keep my 0ths for now... xD

Exams start the 13th and finish the 28th, so I'll be fully back in February, and hopefully visit IRC on the weekends as in the old days :D

There's this innov, which would save quite a bit and wouldn't be too hard to implement, but I'm too lazy and I don't have the time either xD
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That is just so smooth, you are a beast. Why don't you ever come on irc anymore? We miss you :(


Cleaned 12 seconds.
I guess that's upping the game again :P

Still plenty of room (but not 12 seconds :P)
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Now someone get macrohenry in here so he can beat that. :D


Good thing you don't want to compete, because I just upped the game xD
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but here's an AGD of my own. Reasonably happy with this demo, and very happy with this map. I like how you can take two completely different approaches to the right side, depending on whether you get the switch or not.
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Perfect ending, if I do say so myself.
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Very nice map, like the progression of jumps. Nothing crazy difficult either which is nice.

Lots of room for improvement on my run, especially the finish. Had fun playtesting, and glad I could help :)
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