The Entertainer

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Author blue_rocks
Tags author:blue_rocks concept dischord fun puppeteer puzzle unrated
Created 2015-01-23
Last Modified 2015-01-23
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Description Macrohenry [] play tested this map and gave me great aesthetic advice, it is my version two that I promised of this map. []

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And like I said, I really liked this one as well. Maybe it's just because on Puppeteer, it was a new concept to me - that might have influenced my perception.

Version 1 was much less organized though, and looked a lot worse. It also missed out on some of the tricks you can use with the concept which are now in this map.

Man, last time people complained that I only used mines and that they weren't obvious enough. This time they say I should have stuck with mines. It's a lose lose situation.
But I think Puppeteer implemented it better, to be honest. Not a huge fan of using the switches and one-ways to mark where the trap-doors will appear, to be honest.

Still, that's nitpicking on a high level. It's still a very good map.


Obviously 5/5. And not because I've been involved. ;)
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AGD ;)
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