The Naif Ninja and the Big Blue Ballsey Bullies

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Author macrohenry
Tags author:macrohenry bluehenry collab medium metamorph seekers unrated
Created 2015-02-01
Last Modified 2015-02-01
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Description A Metamorph collab with blue_rocks []. Objects from 46-2.

Progress []

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enjoyed this one too. How are u doing nowdays? You didn't come over to n++?

Name: Anything corny or original.
Description: No specific needs
Tags: ie-collab
It was great working together, we should do it again sometime. I may hop on IRC this evening if you're free.

Agreed wanna sub, or should I?

Step 3: Little tweaks []

Step 1: Feel free to change whatever you want. []

I think this is my favorite collab we have made so far.

Sub 200 speedrun.

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so gud



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