What happened?

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Author macrohenry
Tags action author:macrohenry gauss medium one-ways rated weird
Created 2015-03-06
Last Modified 2015-03-06
by 5 people.
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Description I was going slightly crazy.

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thanks.. and well no one is perfect when typing stuff.

Agree with Destiny

I feel like something other than gausses should have been thrown in. Like seekers. Would have made things much more intense and thrilling. Also, if you jump into the launchpads from the sides, you get stuck, which is why my demo is ST. 3.5^/5

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This is really fun

An excellent environment with really nice movement possibilities. However, I wish that I would have had to revisit the bottom section after unlocking some doors. Also I feel like the map was never sufficiently challenging, I would have liked perhaps a tough spot near the end or one of the gold grabs to be more difficult.

Still a great map, 4/5.

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Gauss placement is also effective.


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