Bifurcated Knife

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff daggafork dedication hard minejumper unrated
Created 2015-08-12
Last Modified 2015-08-12
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Map Data

Description Ded to DaggaFork. You're an awesome guy, and thanks for making so many swell maps.


EDIT: Removed a mine that I had accidentally left in from an earlier version.

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In my own trademark bumbling fashion, I even forgot some gold and had to go back the hard way >_<
Love it, though that rightmost switch is an utter devil. A well-suited and well-deserved dedication!

(Amazing story Dagga.)
Demo Data


So it was August 13th when it all started. To be honest, it started as it usually does. Nothing special. I loaded up N to play some new maps and after a few easy ones I stumbled upon this. Like any other map I spent a while jumping around getting used to the flow of it before figuring out a route. I quickly began to realize that this is no ordinary map. It is much harder than what I was used to. So I dedicated the time to practice each individual jump until I had a better idea of how I would complete the map. After flipping around a few different routes, I settled on one that would both guarantee the easiest time to the exit as well as a sweet ass score.


It was four hours in and I knew something wasn't right. Other than knowing I hadn't blinked in at least ninety minutes, I knew that I had spent much longer on this map than anticipated. Why was it so difficult? I began to contemplate the issues. It was definitely the exit switch. There is a lot of mines in there, but I was probably just unpracticed. I practiced it for an hour. I could now get in and out of the exit switch room ninety nine times out of a hundred. So that was no longer the problem. I continued running the map.


Nothing could stop me. I raced through the infinite, angled hall as if by some trick God spun the world beneath me. A fork, a divide, I computed and completed. The never ending landscape a tool at my fingertips. It aided, it passed. I raced and raced.

On my way I met a companion, with a face blackened like the charred bodies of the underworld and eyes redder than the blood dripping from my sore feet, she seemed to be somebody worth avoiding. However like a stone ridden by gravity with no destination but the ground, I was pulled closer. I reluctantly accepted their company. I continued to race.

A flaw in the endless tessellation, before me stood the exit. I thought over my experiences. Every close call, every success, every key, every jump. And as if to fit into a single minute, the lifetime of memory began to compress.
I exploded.


So it's now August 31st and I think I'll save beating this map for a later date. Thanks for the dedication!