Hell's Bells

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Author script
Tags action author:script hellidays hells-bells numacon rated
Created 2015-12-29
Last Modified 2016-09-04
by 7 people.
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Description Warming up for hellidays. This one isn't quite tough enough, I think.

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personally I cant be bothered with 2 chainguns but really nice map


Wow, this became more and more fun the longer I played. Well done, script! :)
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This is superb.

It's very daunting initially, but once you've played it for a while, it becomes quite intuitive.

The enemies are spectacularly placed, and the difficulty is just right.

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Honestly, I think even sober this would have presented a real challenge beyond basic completion.

As for the quality, every object was very well placed and this is one of the VERY few times where having a whopping five different enemy types actually feels justified. 4.
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also I still hate drones going under stationary objects just as much as always
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Everything is tough enough when you're drunk enough. Especially when this is your first time dealing with chainguns since you quit over a year ago.

and by you I mean me

Give me a bit on this one, I'm happy to see a submission from you!