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Author ~Orpheus~
Tags author:~orpheus~ medium mines playable rated tileset
Created 2016-01-28
Last Modified 2016-01-28
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Set the mountain on fire

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cool a+

(sry for the rocket to be there u'd have to move the ninja's starting position to make it easier -maybe on to the creature's neck, I haven't tried it in n1.4)

Awesome but I think u could've put in atleast one puzzly aspect eg. u could've shortened the top left mine string and made it so the ninja has to jump off the wall to access that top left gold instead of just using the middle bb. ...rocket in between the nose and the tile wall
You manage to create amazingly good-looking maps that are fun to play at the same time.

oh lord, now that's sweet. great jumps — great difficulty/length balance. and it obviously looks sick as all hell.
decent agd, but i had some hilarious difficulties getting past the wingtip
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fun and artistic