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Author jirka
Tags author:jirka medium mines playable unrated
Created 2016-04-20
Last Modified 2016-04-20
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Description Made in Nv2 by me, tiles by Axmyr. Tested for playability on N-reality too. Btw, does anybody have a problem/don't like, that since I map only in Nv2 now, that I'll publish some of my Nv2 maps also here? If yes, then tell me. I'll always check for different psychics, so the map is playable.

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It's been a while since I last played, so excuse my demo, but fun map. It coud be a little cleaner and not as repetitive but good overall. I agree how it reminds me of a moment when this type of map was the shit
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Thanks for comments

For the rocket it's a simple situation, I didn't want the gold to be free to get and I was not sure, how I would construct the rocket room. There is no enemy in the main room simply because that would make the map too hard in my opinion, as the space is pretty limited already, which was my idea when making objects like this. Slow AGD.
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ah man

such a big throwback to the kinds of maps that were popular back in 08 ish. Very fun, agree rocket feels a little out of place though
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but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I really like this! Not too big on the rocket, but the overall style is tons of fun.
its a bid clunky at times, like with the switches and gold parts. Otherwise runs fairly smoothly.
Could have added the gold challenges in the middle of the map?
Oh well, decent map.


fun map though
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