Spinning 'round the fire (keep)

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Author turtles
Tags author:turtles race rated
Created 2006-01-02
Last Modified 2008-02-11
by 22 people.
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Description Aka: until you throw up

Pretty bad name still. If anyone has a better name, that will be greatly appreciated.
It took a long time to make this map. With all of the deleting and adding, it was hard. I had to make everything perfect and flowy, and that took ages. There's only one thing bad about the map itself: it takes longer to load than most of my other maps. Dont let that stop you though, it is still very fun to play.

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Please watch this demo. Please. -.-
Demo Data

great map again!!

I also hate snipers.. 5/5


This level is pretty good but it cant be that good to get itself on yanus favs.

thank you

for all of the good (and bad) comments that I recieved. They were all helpful in one way or another.

i thought

that it was good, even though i'm not a fan of 4 tiling. great effort! also wanted to tell you that pribble has got a demo over 2200 frames on The time of the Dedication. i rate this map a 4.5 8) oh, and i too HATE snipers. 8)


I'm with 691175002. Repetition and easy flow. I won't rate it, because you put so much effort into it

i hate snipers


went more down

with eight people

7 people; wow

one more and that will be a record for me

my rating

goes lower and lower

Whops, wrong map

ignore the last comment
But if you play the map in a speedy manner that chaingun drone will kill you every time. Every time...
I really hate 4 square circles. I consider them a cheaters way of making flow and I absolutly despise having to put them in race maps. There are circles like this in quite a few maps and the only reason why no one has ever made a map like this is because its been done before just not as an entire map, it can't compare to a real race map for fun and it gets really old fast. I normally don't directally bash a map that obviously had effort put in it and I won't rate this but I really really hate this kind of map.
And this is just my opinion so no one go ape on me and start bashing.


fun but quite repetitive. neat idea. I think the name's fine, btw


at all?



have a better name for it while I can still edit it?

no drones

almost always means no lag. No clustering either. As for the launch pads, I wanted people to die form SOMETHING once in a while, so I decided on those. Thanks for the constructive critisism


I died. But man, this map is so much fun! It's a little repetetive, and the flow is interrupted ever so slightly in a few spots, but overall good job. 4.5/5

I rated it a four

It was quite fun, but I have to tell you that the 4-circles are my most hated shapes in race maps. I have always believed that they are like cheating, and just taking the ninja in a tight circle and not being creative. Anyway, there was nearly no way to die in this map, because the gausses have such a slow start up time that they barely ever see you. I would have completed it on my first try except a badly place launchpad shot me into the wall and I died. For some reason, it did not lag, and I had some good fun. Good job.


the rating went down

it took me FOREVER

just to get it almost perfect. Not to mention saving it in case of a pwer surge.

(it happened once)

Well its deserving.

I appreciate when someone puts effort into designing a map.

thank you


Thats fun.

I enjoy maps like this 5/5