Fallen Kingdom

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Author Spackal
Tags action agd author:spackal unrated welp
Created 2017-03-21
Last Modified 2017-03-21
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Description Where an ancient land of lords once stood, a crumbling mess now quakes.
Where the stories tell of a place unhurt, decay is all that remains.
Where the sun once dawned on a glorious display, it shines only now on a feeble terrain.
For a fallen kingdom's all that stands here today, only gold is left in its wake.

After seeing spudzalot's Orketral, I wanted to create a map that had no clear path with lots of gold and freedom to do whatever you want. So I guess you could say this is inspired...?

Probably going to be in the mappack that I want to make


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Nice open map.

played for weeks

BECAUSE FUN! love it!

very close to agd

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love your maps

unique and well-polished, all of them so far


great looks
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