marvelous (aids remix)

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Author Aidiera
Tags aids-remix author:aidiera fingersonthefrets rocket unrated
Created 2017-03-26
Last Modified 2017-03-26
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Description Life In Marvelous Times []

I was browsing my old favorites and came across this. I loved the look but not the gameplay, so I simplified it. Props to fingersonthefrets for being a cool guy, though.

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Human agd

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good mix
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Hi Aidiera

Could you do your remix of any of my maps, if you find any of them you'd like to remix? I'm just curious, how it would look like.

Btw, I almost don't play N-reality now, because I got N++ and it's my most played version of N. I see some familiar faces there like xaelar/golfkid. That's why I almost don't post maps here.
That really means a lot. Glad you both liked it. :)

Arpo, you're one clever mofo. I didn't realize you could fall into the exit.


great highscoring level, really fun :). this is the route i finally settled on, i wish i had saved some of my earlier demos to show how i progressed to this one.
Demo Data

nice one!

I'm still more into mine than most people seemed to be haha, but less enamoured with it than i was when i submitted it.

Enjoyed this a lot, smoothed out the gameplay a fair bit. Visually as well, none of those cluttered doors haha. Thwump is clever.

props to you for being a cool guy too haha