Maker's maze

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Author Arona_Daal
Tags action author:arona_daal drones medium playable trapdoors unrated
Created 2017-04-23
Last Modified 2022-04-22
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Description what can be built

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Interesting drone section.
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for making me feel so good. Your comments on my maps were always so nice. Thank you!


About your comment on rocket_thumped’s featured map, did you just see of Montreal or did you just see rocket_thumped? Because if you saw the latter, tell him I said hello!
really cool, though!

my favorite route

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I will, I will, one of these days. I'd love to get something in for Hunger, I just haven't enjoyed playing much recently. Tsssk.

a maze ing

not a fan of this initial climbing part though.

<2000 AGD

This is a real 5, not just a "you made a map, nice! 5" 5, but a "5 (flawless)" 5. Awesome!
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