sunset on venice

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Author Hyteriux
Tags author:hyteriux medium rated sunsetonvenice
Created 2017-08-05
Last Modified 2017-08-05
by 5 people.
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Description the winding pathways of a calm river succumb to the purples and blues bleeding throughout the sky and the shadows of buildings that soon would flood the city. i stood silently upon the stone pathway of a street of which i knew not the name of, I read her note once more: "meet me in between the shimmering, blue, river waters that flow like veins through our warm bodies and the towering buildings that shalt no longer divide me and you. for there, i will await your arrival, as the evening peaks into night, and the light of the setting sun and the moon and stars clash together, our hearts will mend and our love will collide, radiating a spectrum of light that will illuminate the entire city. if you choose to show, no longer will we be apart, and no longer will the sun set on Venice."

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(the description should also earn some extra points)


You make wonderful tilesets!

Oh, and I also liked how you turned this one in a sort of exploration map. Well chosen enemies for a map about ambience and scenario. When you have mines and predictable zaps, you are forced to pay close attention to your surroundings, and for the most part can do things at your own pace. Lasers, turrets or rockets would be anticlimactic.

stupid death demo

agreed with KlanKaos, this is amazing. lovely mechanics, especially liked the placement of mines and launchpads. drones were awesome too, and do I really have to comment on the tileset? easy 5
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Really nice atmosphere. Felt good and consistent all the way through.
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I think the pacing could have been more developed to have a nice arc of tension.
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Holy shit this looks great.