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Author anco
Tags author:anco race rated
Created 2017-08-18
Last Modified 2017-08-18
by 5 people.
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Description Decided to go all-out race - try finding the flow yourself first

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They play very well and look great.
I liked the flow.
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really cool!

you have really interesting ideas for maps

action, race

whats the difference
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This race is a good example of what I enjoy about technical races. While quite different from this one - faster, more developed and technical - I think it similarly eschews traditional norms of race-making.

These two maps are obviously very different - but I think in future if I make races it'll have a gameplay aesthetic similar to these maps or the map I published before this one.

hmm, after seeing your run I don't think I'd call this a race, most levels with polished metanet 0ths look like this, which doesn't mean they're races but rather that the community found incredibly optimal routes and executed them cleanly, many times looking like the levels was designed for that route when in reality it wasn't, although I assume in this case it was

sub700 sr

i didn't even notice this was a race, so great job, ill play the flow now
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I love the idea of this. Action maps with really good flow are incredible to try to get perfect. You get into the zone of it, feeling a different kind of breakneck speed.
I don't think this is a race, but only because of the far upper left corner. I've seen rit put in measured jumps, but it's never as slow and restrained as that awkward, painful hop you have to do before the mines. For me, it pushes the map off the edge, away from experimental race to flowy action.

I think of races as combining linear movement / routing with aestheticity of the movement. Many races go in the maximalist direction; pushing the player quite strictly along the pre-determined path. In this map, I decided to go for a more subdued flow where it was up to the player to find the most aesthetic way of traversing through the map. The freedom that affords does bring it closer to action maps, but I don't think the lack of constraints defines the map as a an action as "opposed" to a race.

One can obviously play this map as an action map and just try to go for the fastest route; but I think it will become apparent that this fastest route *is* the flow route.

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with very obvious points of turning, but just watching your demo is a trip in itself. I never would have thought to really play through it like that, but there is some logic to it.

Interesting. 5 and faved.

I dunno

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Flow demo / AGD

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