Stormy Morning

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Author Arsenicc
Tags author:arsenicc chaingun fun nv2 rated
Created 2017-10-14
Last Modified 2017-10-14
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description The feeling of the cool damp air rushing across your face. It's like the world is sighing and you're breathing it in. The sun has only just barely begun to creep over the horizon and you know that no else is experiencing this feeling except for yourself. No one else crawled out of bed and looked out their window, only to see thick roiling storm clouds melting across the sky. No one else opened their window, the tantalizing smell of clean rain and cold wind tickling their noses. No one else decided to step outside that morning, their feet padding silently on the cool concrete of their driveway. Only you stood out in that empty field behind your house, the grass damp with condensation. The sky was screaming and lighting flashed with radiant light. You knew that the world had you at its mercy…and you didn’t care. A fat raindrop landed on your face, exploding in a shower of cold mist. Another followed and then another. You smiled. This was your moment. Only yours. Forever.

Then it began to rain.

(Nv2 version:

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Thanks for all the feedback, really appreciate it. :)


good map
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You just paste them over the former map code.

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Sorry but how do I fix the map?
And this is a very good map.

I don't like the loading time at all.

welcome to numa!

chainguns are my fav enemy so of course i like this map.great writing, also. hope to see more from you!@
but this is a really solid map and I enjoyed it a lot, definitely has an old-school feel like maxson said. the chaingun placement is great and really works out well even in the long-term. I think this my favorite of yours so far, a lot of potential!

and in regards to the nv2->nreality transfer, you'll get it in time. there are a lot of quirks to 1.4 that differ vastly from v2 and you'll get a hang of them and learn as you go along. if you can, try doing some research on it or play through some maps and eventually you might find some glitches or cheats that are in 1.4 that don't necessarily work in v2. then use that knowledge in future maps, who knows, you might even end up making maps around those little things eventually.

Good stuff.
I'll try to get Eternal | Pitfall and this one fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for telling me :)

I'm just not familiar with nreality and NUMA yet. I bet it will occur again in future posts, so please notify me if it does. Thanks!

Welcome to NUMA!

Pretty solid map here, but a word about those mines on the edges: I don't know about v2, but in v1.4 they cause the map to load way more slowly than it otherwise would, and you don't need them. You can take out the ones on the top entirely; as for the bottom, you just don't want the player to use the ground, right? Take a look at this: []

Now the player can't use the ground, because if they fall down there, they're never getting back up. It lets the map load faster, gives it a cleaner look, and makes things easier for you because you don't have to click the mouse 100+ times. :P

Back to the rest of the map: I really like the way it's either an action-packed battle against a chaingun or a technical jumper depending on where you are in the map. It's a lot of fun to roam around and try to find different routes. The aesthetics also have a classy old-school feel once you take out all those extra mines.

Really promising early map!

Great map!

Really liked the style and gameplay. It's not easy to make a chaingun drone map work, and you did it well. Still couldn't get all the gold (those 8 pieces close to the exit are the trickiest), though.

Oh, and I absolutely loved your map description. Reminds me a lot of Hyteriuxs' (case in point: 238039).

5/5 for the overall composition. Hope to see more from you.