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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset rated
Created 2019-02-04
Last Modified 2019-02-04
by 10 people.
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Description Incarnate

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yo sunset

hope ur doing ok still. im around! i comment once in a while :)


This is so damn good, everything just comes together perfectly. 5/5, you gotta teach a mapping course for us all.
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I don't map anymore but I still dump time into N when I'm waiting on things to load or watching vids on the other side of my screen. I probably have a hundred half finished maps in text files stored across my hard drive though.


if you hit 10,000 hours of N over the last 10 years that means you've spent almost 42 complete days of every year playing N. That's almost 1/9 of your life for 10 years playing this game or doing something related to this game/community.


exciting, yet chill
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Or 18,500,000 pieces of gold
of the map. Still have yet to post a good run.

Also, I'm pretty sure I've passed the 10k hours some time ago too
Fantastic layout and enemy usage, looks and plays really nice. Have you gotten your 10,000 hours mapping yet?
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I get bored

and I make maps
how do you still pump out this volume of maps

Classic style

Really like the position of the mines and doors. Very cozy little section of the level