135-4 Promise

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Author Meanapple
Tags author:meanapple episode into numa peek tileset unrated
Created 2019-05-12
Last Modified 2019-05-12
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Map Data

Description ++++++++++++++< Ned >++++++++++++++++++++++++++ was a mistake

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welcome back! I didnt think we would see any N art from anyone but pale moon.


its me, the apple, here for the yearly visit.

Truly, 4s and 8s are a secret weapon of sorts;
I tried to make the map challenging while not cluttering the screen with pesky non grey stuff, good to hear that it worked out
i love all the 4's and 8's used, gives a lot of detail. hiding objects in the tiles was a neat way to focus on the art

It's the Apple


Welcome back


really had to work for this one, jeez. i always ended up having to wait in the switch room, unfortunately, but i suspect that if i did the gold faster that wouldn't be a problem... besides that, fun, stressful map!
Demo Data

wow this is harder than expected! also really fun!


You’re back!!!!!!