Full Day of Loss

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags 3-tile author:fingersonthefrets eatsweetlemons retile unrated
Created 2019-05-27
Last Modified 2019-05-27
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Description Final retile for 3-tile!

Been a really fun competition, if a bit mind-melting at times.

Big thanks to all the judges for their time and critiques!! It has been great to read the different opinions and advice for my own maps as well as others.

Thanks to #nreality people for playtesting

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fantastic map

I suck way too much to beat it but the design is amazing. love the rocket chase at the top


like 72 said great puzzle elements mixed in and the fact its a retile is crazy. faved

this is brilliant

good lord man


...pretty cool!...
It's incredible how you've incorporated a flow together with some puzzly aspects with the floorguards, rather than just go with an open action map. It's astounding how someone could even think to do that with such a mess of a object set. Imo this contest has really brought out some of your most well-thought out maps.



fantastic level, its almost like the tiles were made for you


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