Powers of Hanoi

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Author Hindi
Tags author:hindi puzzle unrated
Created 2021-07-10
Last Modified 2021-07-20
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Legend has it that ninjas have been moving seeking drones one by one since the dawn of time following an ancient prophecy that claims that once their movement is concluded and the puzzle solved, the level will end.

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another AGD.

a bit faster this time. oddly, the edit makes it easier to see through the puzzle. somehow the one-way glitch added dimension and psychologically made the map seem more complicated than it really was. very interesting, though probably not the effect you were going for.

also nreality doesn't seem to be working now. i'll put the demo up later.
Demo Data

I gave it a lot of thought and decided to edit the map, after all. I hope you don't mind.

First and foremost, thanks for playing. :)

As for the one-way glitch, that's on me. I should've realized it was cheatable, but I was so focused on the puzzle itself that it didn't even occur to me. In all honesty, I would not mind were this any type of map other than puzzle, but now I'm thinking about editing it so the puzzle part cannot be skipped.

I'm actually on the fence about editing/re-submitting it because if I do eventually do it, your demos will no longer work. I'm newish to Numa and don't know what is the "protocol" in this case.


really nice puzzle map, especially concerning the gold. in a different era this could have been a highscoring classic.
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clever map

not sure if jumping through the one-ways is cheese or not, but here's an APGD run. (The gold to the right of the exit is impossible unless you do get the switch last, which takes ages.
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