Floor Puzzle

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Author turtles
Tags author:turtles playable puzzle unrated
Created 2023-09-11
Last Modified 2023-09-11
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Description I've been working a bit on this one. Sometimes that one way on the bottom left glitches, but I think I've gotten it to work. I'm certainly unable to get all gold without it, though I can't say I've gotten a complete run with it just yet.

I quite like this one.

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... but it just requires such a specific trajectory that it became frustrating.
It keeps glitching when I reload the game. Bummer.

completed all the layers, but after trying the tough floor guard at the end a few times with cheat respawns i basically decided i don't want to do all the layers just to die to that at the very end seven times. so good map, but that end floor guard it probably too much for the very very end :D
I can only get it maybe 5% of the time. Really soured the map for me. I normally enjoy making and playing floor guard maps, and this one certainly had some good ideas, but it's just too finicky.


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