Missle Dodge: Yet Again

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Tags author:ravenclaw99 dda unrated
Created 2006-02-02
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Map Data

Description I felt like making this better.
More Enemies.
More close calls, even with a chaingun.
More missle dodging.

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Yea I agree

This map isn't really that great. There were 3-4 close calls at most and there were way too many launch pads and way too much gold. Just really cluttered and not that great. 2.5/5 from me.

No offence

but this is kinda lame...way way WAY to many bounce pads...also, mines are kind of pointless because it takes no skill to incorperate them, and they just take load time. 3/5


Please see my other maps, the first one I ever made only had one person rate it...