My first DDA

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Author wedgie123
Tags author:wedgie123 dda rated v1.3c
Created 2004-10-18
Last Modified 2008-08-03
by 16 people.
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Description Meh.


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best dda artist
check my profile yo

lol tktktk

its differnt nowadays isnt it


I never really left, I just stopped making maps. It's also hard to compete with some of the amazing authors around today. It was a lot easier to make maps that impressed people about 3-4 years ago when some of the things that you were doing in your maps was actually 'new'. ;)


You came for 17 maps and then left, all 17 maps are rated with a total of 1018 votes, that my friend is something to be proud of. This is a great first map!!

Im surprised your still around numa 5 from me


I think my brain went bongos.

Friday 13th, 2005.

Find the X!
What does this man have to say about the X?


first map... i probably couldnt make a dda like this now and ive made over 80 maps :D 4.5/5


yes, it is a very very good map! well done
This is your first map. Are you sure it's not just the first map you've posted, and you've made hundreds in secret and picked the best one to post? That is seriously one of the best DDA's I've ever seen. Please make more.


That's the best first map I've ever seen! It's very good, and exciting. It's very good! You should congratulate yourself.