Edge of Civilization

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Author topolord
Tags action author:topolord bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-03-02
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description interesting level, I think it worked pretty well.
its not to hard unless you go for all gold,
but there are several different ways to go.
One of which I will post with all gold.
Hope you like it

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Spped completion.

Demo Data


all-gold demo - 152.100
Demo Data

All gold..

a bit slow...but all gold nonetheless!
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Demo Data

Fast all gold

And an okay map...
Demo Data

not that hard

good map though, got all gold on like 4th try and then got to record it on like 9th try. Fun and short
Demo Data


great tileset, really fun but not impossible. Gret job!


for the feedback and demos!

Quick demo

love the level and the tileset
the all gold is too tough for me
Demo Data


slow but the fastest yet :P
beat me!

awsome map
5/5 cause its soo cool!
Demo Data

Thank you

Thanks for the demo.

A little faster

Seriously, I see great levels in your future.
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i have an all gold demo here
this is one path, but there are many others.
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