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Author kendogg102
Tags author:kendogg102 playable race rated
Created 2006-03-10
Last Modified 2006-03-13
by 15 people.
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Description READ THIS FIRST!!!!!!!!

This is a map where you do not use the jump button. The entire map need not the jumpeth button. Look at the demo if your confused. It requires timing and speed and is rather difficult. Couple things to remember:

1)Let the ninja come to a complete stop as soon as you start the map. If you dont he will not make the first jump.

2)I can not erase the rocket outside of the map on the very top for some odd reason. Sorry!. If you can erase it let me know

Thanx and look at the demo if your confused.


UPDATE: Thanx for all the comments, Auto Jump 2.0 is here:

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I love

when douches burn other peoples maps and dont even say why. Grow some balls and tell me why you burn the map.


much faster.
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Oh wow

Now that I saw this one, your second one isn't nearly as good.
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good work



I have had the rocket come through the door to. I cant figure out why it does.


The erasing the NaN thing for me doesnt work. And i will make another map with different propulsions eventually.

Everyone else: Thanx for the comments!


I wouldn't say it is "rather hard", but it is fun.

Original too.
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was really fun, 5/5


slow, all gold.
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That was amazing

It was perfect. 5/5 +faved.

But I don't get this, in my demo. The rocket just seemed to go through the door.
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Very cool

And executed very well. The only problem is the first trap door, in which you sometimes die when you start.
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erase the "NaN" from the map data.
the map is cool, but i'd have it enjoyed better if there had been some other ways of propulsion.



All Gold

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Demo Data


is pretty cool