Finding Your Blind Spot

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Author ConfusedCartman
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Created 2006-03-11
Last Modified 2006-04-04
by 106 people.
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Description Be prepared for a long description. Try to read it all, so you will understand what is going on, and so you wont mess it up. First of all, I will explain what a blind spot is, and how it works:

A blind spot is the spot in the very back of your eye where the nerve to your eye connects to it. There are no color receptors there, so your mind takes in all of the information around that area, and fills it in. Since we have two eyes, we normally never notice our blind spot, because a blind spot is in different spots for each eye. Each eye fills in the information that is missing from the other, and there you go, you never notice it. The test I have devised will determine where your blind spot is when you are 1 foot(12 inches) away from a certain object. The instructions are as follows:

Step 1) Determine whether you want to test your right eye or your left eye. To test your right eye, you use the top box. To test your left eye, use the bottom box.

Step 2) Get about 1 foot away from the screen. Cover the opposite eye you are testing, and focus on the chaingun drone. Using peripheral vision(look it up, kids), follow the zap drone until you do not see it anymore.

Step 3) At that point, hold the arrow key corresponding to the eye you are testing(right eye=right arrow key), and it will freeze the zap drone in the spot your blind spot is located.

Note: Keep in mind that you must be the same distance away as when you froze the drone to notice the effect. Otherwise, your blind spot is in a different location. To fix this, move your head slowly forward or backward until it dissappears again.

**I had to resubmit cause someone sniped it...

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what the F?*@

this is the best thing i've ever seen. you are GOD (i've called about 6 people god and i've only been on the site a month).


thats insane how u can do this with a game 5aved


Who thought N had so many uses? that was education right there, if we learned this in school, that'd be cool.
5/5 and faved!!


that thing in my last comment was the infinity sign copied from microsoft word but somehow it got screwed up.


but it only goes up to 5. so 5/5.


Thats awesome!
Good Lord, get over it.

This is kinda weird. I think I can see the drone the whole way down. You should've made it go across the entire map.

Hey Bussey

Just want to let you know that my map is so well-liked, your vote is as insignificant as you are.


that is the best level i've ever seen if i could i would give you a 10/5 but oh well i guess 5/5 will have to do.

5/5 and faved

thats awesome

how did you figure that out?
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That is sickige

Brill matey!


thats great! ull get 5/5 for this crazy thing! and fav. wow...


That was pretty sweet!






This is the most amazing thing ive seen in a while. Im 5 walls from the right with right eye. 4 walls from the left with left eye.

I am surprised

That this is still popular, especially in the test level section. I am glad my map served it's purposes, education(blah) and entertainment.




Thanks guys for the positive feedback.

Oh, and...



Dude, this is fricking amazing! The closest we've had to this is noughts and crosses, but this is 10x more genius!

Superb. Well thought out, simple... a contender for a Dronie, IMO.

I think hime saying

he is thirteen means,that he is all cool and out of the scientific phase ( which this is scientific) so he is saying,basically, "Wow,I'm a cool kid and this was so interesting,although nerdy,it got me to like it,good job."
3rd gate from the left at exactly 1 ft. away from the screen with left eye

4th gate from the right at exactly 1 ft. away from the screen with right eye


Worked surprisingly well.

Madnick, what does being 13 have to do with anything?


wow - IM 13 AND I LOVED IT

That's so cool.

If you decide not to activate the doors, then the drone will disappear for a second, then come back into view as he leaves your blind spot. Truly awesome level, man.


my vote brought it to 5/5

btw, dont be bummed by snipers...