Basket Case

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Author drdeath
Tags action author:drdeath featured playable rated
Created 2006-04-02
Last Modified 2006-04-02
by 17 people.
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Description Episode 9. I like how this one looks..

Edit: As advice dictated. Thanks for commenting, your suggestions have been noted, I would also like to state at this point, cause I haven't left any comments, (Sorry), that my greatest inspiration in making maps is Barabajagal (Did I spell the name right?.. next on the favorite list in krush) anyway just saying.

P.S. you should make more room based maps, there my favorite type of yours..

This map was featured on 2011-02-24

Nobody makes maps like these anymore. Chambers with ugly thwump positions? Gaussian overkill? Strings of gold that remind me of underlining?

Aesthetics aren't all that matter. Gameplay isn't the key. It's not about the look; or the flow. It's about the feel of it.

A half-remembered dream from long ago. A relic that keeps you sane. Nobody believes you. You only have your white padded cell; and the straight-jacket. — ChrisE

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Thought I'll check out your other feature.
That one piece of gold is wierd. : P
read this, Chris:

Slow AGD

I really enjoyed the first part. The bottom half was pretty plain.
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two incorrect semicolons in one review

<user was fired for this review>


Yeah, first try. What else can I say.
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Say what :o
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this map would be better had the trap door been placed better.

Pretty nice.



lay off the acid...


but next time lay of the acid.
Well, either way - I like this map; and foolishly wrote a review at 1am ._.

Not doing that again.

you don't..

/have/ to touch the floor to get all the gold I don't think... get enough momentum on the trap doors and you should make it..


but oh how I wish you didn't have to touch the floor to get that last piece of gold!
This map looks great! The gameplay is good too. That solitary piece of gold is somehow so inviting....
like on the parts where it talks about how the aesthetics are bad and somehow differentiates gameplay from "feel."

The thwumps+gauss were a really clever combination.

I like it, pretty different from the maps we see now
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Very fine map.

You're right, I should make more room maps (assuming that was directed at me).



He can call these episodes how he likes. Why does he have to stick to metanets formula like everyone else?

drdeath... some of your maps have some really great moments. Don't think you're going unappreciated, you're really not.

I'll try to make some time for your maps at some point.
Keep it up.


Episodes are really 5 maps. You are putting individual maps as episodes.


The thwumps are great.
The rocket at the bottom works well but the ones in the chambers annoy me.

Cool map though.

Sick map, but

the rockets REALLY don't work. If I were you, I would replace them with various zap drones. They would fit PERFECTLY!