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Author radupascariu
Tags action author:radupascariu playable rated
Created 2006-04-06
by 18 people.
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Description I had 4 ninjas when i first submited this but holdeddie and his stupid gang sniped it. please VOTE and comment


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you just gave a 3/5 for the portion of the map that I made, Temporis. Thanks for the mention, man.

it was okay

I gave it 3/5 for the tileset.

I give this a 2

I believe in a time when the rating wywtem was designed to rate the map, not the person's beliefs/actions/comments. All in all, I hate holdeddie's actions just as much as anyone else, but truth be told, this is a below average map.
like bdhir 3.5
thanks for every thing Ra...(mispells you name)
make sure you credit people too
cuz we were in the fight together.


i wrote the title sets the first time i submitted


this is someone else's tile set, please site it. Never use a tileset without telling who's it is. sill i give it a 3.5/5


i submitted all my maps but they dont show
ill help you out too, as much as i can


because of stupid holdeddie...he made me delete 27 of my maps
I only know 2 people in his gang (including him)
lol thank you?