Brimstone Cometh

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Author maximo
Tags author:maximo bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-04-28
Last Modified 2006-04-28
by 31 people.
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Description Very very hard jumper here. Just flat out very hard to do. If you can't do it though, it becomes a hold right dda (joke btw) so have at it. Demos would be crazy.

This map was featured on 2009-12-28

In a world of smoldering ash and red hot magma there lies fiery brimstone, Maximo visited this place and created this map. The jumps are not only tricky but the success is quite rewarding. Then if you are really feeling brave try to all gold this fateful level.

He smiled as he trudged out of the dark orange/ red world and whispered with a satanic voice “brimstone cometh” and the world crumbled to ruins never to be seen again.

-fireburnsfree — rocket_thumped

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Awwww yeah

AGD. Damn, that was hard. I probably spent 80 percent of the time trying to get that first jump...
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after almost four years
It was so worthy of this feature.

I remember this map just because of the joke.



awesome map.

5/5 faved

Great Map.



i love this map, and it's really difficult! i am not worthy!

All gold

Ok, I love you again.
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I hate you

That is all
here is a demo of me getting over the top and then dieing.

and i watched your run in the old version, nice work.
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that gauss is like salt in the wound.

all gold

. . .
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