New Wave Mountain

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Author Fimision
Tags action author:fimision bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-05-05
by 19 people.
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Description Modern art. Feel free to interpret this map using long words and please try to stretch its meaning into something other than a desperate grab for money. Millions of monies. Cuz' thats what I'll be selling it for. Or just play it. That would work too.

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well 94

I think the 2 tile better represents the overall impression of my inadvertently troubled childhood, which inexorably led to my awkwark adolesence. The shape and form of this work is my internal passion directed externally onto a medium of my choosing. This is in essence "art". Why must the masses be SO unenlightened?

fun map

I couldn't all gold it though, sorry. 4.5


Damnit! I hit 4.5/5 by accident :(

I interpret,

That it is a form of undefined excavated mass. As I can see the aforementioned delicate minerals are entrenched very befittingly. The outlet incontrovertibly emblematizes an outlet of angst and passion. All of the patulous omission symbolizes a depressive destitution.

In conclusion?

I'm gonna put down the thesaurus and rate this a 5/5.

Damn it Fim.

You added that stupid 2 tile at the beggining. And screwed my whole demo up. Why not keep the one you put on IRC?

all gold

very fun map
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Fairly fast, all-gold demo.
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