Its not any ordinary cloud. Its a gold'N cloud.

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Author doghouse
Tags author:doghouse bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-05-08
by 7 people.
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Description Extremely easy. And some of my recent maps have recently been rated high with no comment (yes i know it sounds weird but its true).

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Played it. Liked it. It's actually harder than it looks. Very cool anyway.


What fun.
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If im wrong, however, im sorry for accusing you et.

who was

et talkin to anyway? I dont see anyone saying something about gold delay in bounce blocks. His comment is irrelevent!

Now thats low.

et890, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Don't just start calling other people an idiot


the gold delay was to make bounce block and thwump propulsion work idiot


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all golded.
the first bounce block map i like.
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im not submitting any demo until i get an all gold. I just realized how tricky it is!


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Demo Data