Roman Mine Dodger

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Author Bleucoco
Tags action author:bleucoco playable rated
Created 2006-05-12
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description It is what it is. Duh.


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I die here

Demo Data

Waay too hard.

I can't make one jump without being blasted to bits. Maybe it needs to be a tad more organised, and it does take a while to load. I find it hard to give a high rating.


im one of the ones who wont take the time to bother with it

load time is over the top...too long...too easy to screw up in any of the 5000 places...

overused Idea

no rating

I think

I've seen this before, or something extreamly close. why is that?


Before my lame friends rated it 0 a bunch 2 people had said they had beaten it. WTG to them, but yeah its hella hard. I've only ever gotten half way through it.


one will beat this... or take the time to try to.