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Author the_snake
Tags author:the_snake playable race rated
Created 2006-07-06
Last Modified 2006-07-07
by 11 people.
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Description it ain't as easy as it looks, you have to go round several times and get back too...

the jumps you can do with this as a blank tileset are quite cool, and i incorporated these in setting out the path which you have to travel.

please, please, please rate and give comments - and some demos would be lovely :).

it did take me a while to perfect it ;).

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I just love the TS.
Gamplay is cool.

Completion Demo

Finally beat my own level! =)
Demo Data


Can't seem to jump between those mines for the last switch. Cool design, snake.


don't have to be flowy... if the idea is to do the level in as fast a time as possible then it's a race...


I accidentally rated a 5

not a race

more like a puzzle

still, 4.5/5

i fixed it...

there was a slight problem - the exit was unreachable! lol.

i moved it over 1/4 and now it works :) enjoy!
and great demo :P thats exactly how i planned it.

I love the level!

5/5 Here's a pretty quick demo with 1 small mistake. and then I screw around after I win. :D
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