A Set Of Uncodealtered Glitches

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags author:amomentlikethis bitesized rated test
Created 2006-07-07
Last Modified 2006-07-07
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Not all, but here are some of the things you can do on N.

What to do:
For each room, replace the solitary Mine with the Ninja.
Then just watch what happens, following what is stated below..(the rooms are numbered horisontaly).

1) Let the rocket kill N then watch the rocket make its way through the tiles and the autodoors.
2) Complete the level.
3) You die =] (mine in floor).
4) Put the Ninja on the mines 1 at a time, then hold down jump and watch the non-launchpad propulsion take over.
5) Just run and jump against the walls. It seems as though nothing is stopping you (there are platforms in the walls).
6) The doors don't open, the ninja just stands there.
7) You're invincible to the rocket.
8) Gold delay at its best - just fall and see.
9) Play in fbf, click a few times until N goes inside the bounce pad with no ability to jump on it.
10) Use the walls to jump for victory.
11) =]
12) Let the drone kill you, the drone will stay fixed on the floor.
13) Just hold left.

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There are MANY other glitches that you didn't mention, but it was a fairly good glitch tutorial... thing.

very cool



Figured it would be another useless "Glitchtastic" "demonstration" that everyone knows the glitches to. I still believe that, but at least yours was decent. 3/5.

Great tutorial...

Fantastic idea. I will def use some of this!