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Author XiaoXiaoMan
Tags action author:xiaoxiaoman playable rated
Created 2006-07-09
Last Modified 2006-07-25
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description World 1- Cloud City; Difficulty- Easiest: Fly throughout the city of clouds avoiding the zap drones. It's WAY too easy to get to the exit in that world.

World 2- Pixel Zone; Difficulty- Average: Race through the pixel world full of errors. Everything's gone screwy- even the switches are hidden! It's also easy to get to the exit there too.

World 3- Tilt Room; Difficulty- Medium: Race through the tilted room, but watch out for a few traps! They include a broken down thwump-evator, a laser drone, and a blasting powder leakage; the powder really explodes to the touch! It's not all that easy to get to the exit.

World 4- Planet N; Difficulty- Hard: You've made it to a dangerous planet, and invading laser drones are blasting you!! Just when you think it cant get worse, A METEOR SHOWER STARTS!! You need to open the door, avoid meteors and lasers, and make it out of here in one piece!

Each of these worlds are unique in their own ways. The closer the exit, the less points u get. Try to get as much gold as possible before you hit an exit. BE WARNED: Once you exit a world, you can't go back!

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i see the switch

well, how you hid it. You used "window blocks", D tiles that are absent from the code. They cause maps to take on the identity of the map before them. Else, you used "transparents", E blocks that work like D blocks.

nice one

i liked it 4/5
well...great map though, lots of fun!

Demo Data

Yeah there is

Did i leave that out? Sorry. u have to explore the pixel world thouroughly. The switches are well hidden. XD

theres no

switch in the second .... "world"


Good luck to you!

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