Ooh Ah Pipes

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Author Aju
Tags action author:aju bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-08-17
Last Modified 2006-08-17
by 56 people.
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Description This map enables you to have an adventure.

This map was featured on 2008-10-08

Even today, people make adventure maps. Even today, those maps are generally terrible. Even today, with the artsy style that is so popular, this map shines through to me. Why? Because this map enabled me to have an adventure. The underground journey, then the brilliant rocket and laser section felt like, very um, adventure? If you don't love this map, you should probably go have an adventure somewhere else. Or just play it again. — notkitt

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you're right.
Guys, be nice.

I never

said that that was the reason, that would be extremely dumb. The reson why I did not like this to be featured, was because it's (fairly) simple, not very appealing, etc...
I might be wrong about the brainless stuff, but isn't PNI also wrong by trying to silence me? I have as much rights as him, and one of those rights is saying wheter I like this map or not, which I have done without even the intention of provoking someone.


You don't have to disagree with people in the community just because everyone else likes something. And there's nothing wrong with voicing your opinion, but don't call the community a bunch of brainless beings with a crowd mentality. By having that user account you're as much a part of this crowd as the rest of us, guy.

I played this map a while back and I enjoyed it a lot. Getting a speedrun on it is hard though...
is a chain gun drone and a gauss turet

I'm not negative

I'm spreading my opinion. And really, that was the most average demo I ever saw. And I did not like tis map, but should you say to me that I should shut up because I say that? I don't think so. Atleast I have a decent opinion, and I don't follow the crowd like a brainless being.
Jesus Christ.


you are so negative today.

if you must know, it has the fucking flu. happy?

it was probably

just around a contagious source, actually.

50th rate

here's my sick demo, even if i didn't complete much of it and it was very slow. i did cool stuff.
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agree with bufar

aju was a classic mapmaker--glad he got a feature.
but it still is good, just not perfect imo. 3.5/5^

I didn't

even like it.

well well!

good choice steve

All gold

really fun
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I'm amazed at how much better maps become when you no longer suck at n.

this map

enabled me to have an adventure


i haven't faved it yet. oh well, i did it now

I love it.

It would be a disservice to say anything other than this: you are now my favorite mapmaker, and this is a 5/5. It surely goes in my faves.
woulda bitesized it myself. lol


HARD o_o I played in debug mode however,I always do xD
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Demo Data


tiny mistake.
I'm gonna agree that this is one of the best maps ever.
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And I've come to the conclusion that playing the map provoked said adventure...It delivers what it promises...

note to self:

Don't think, just do.
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changes names. Get him on IRC.

you said

Aju changed cheese's name, but actually he just came up with the idea.




actually ska

okay man

i know you don't like me, but xdude said you could change people's usernames. will you please change mine?


excellent adventure map!

I got to the exit switch, but tripped on a mine x(