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Author Psycho_CO
Tags author:psycho_co playable race rated
Created 2006-08-30
Last Modified 2006-08-30
by 27 people.
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Description without a doubt MY GREATEST MAP EVER!!!!!!!!!!

my first real race for a while

this map has alot of thwump mechanisms in it too

CAUTION:very hard, slow computers beware

if it lags a little bit for you, x-out of every program other than N

i will be getting at least a start-up demo in soon

i will be trying to make a no-lag version of this(so everyone can enjoy it!)

i might make an easier version(so novices can enjoy it!)

rate,comment,and enjoy!!!

EDIT:saw ska's demo and realized a guass kills you if your going too fast, so i added a door


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and I say unto ye, I hath joineth the ranks of the worthy. Awesome race, 5aved.
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This race was a bitch (in a good way). And I fucked up a little bit in the second half. BUT I FUCKING FINISHED IT. WOOOOOO.

By the way, Psycho_CO, are you ever going to give me that ded you owe me for completing Leviathan? If not, that's fine, but at least acknowledge that I completed it (and uber rock, but you didn't concretely promise a ded for that, only hinted at it).
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Nice map Psycho! Fun race! Btw, you from CO? I am and CO rocks!
but damn this sure plays perfectly. It deserves 4.5 average rating.

My a dumbass?

What about it?


The mines make the thumbnail look /horrible/.

Very nice race.

I hate the load time though. You could do w/o most of the gold and mines. It doesn't lag for me, but removing those would reduce lag.

@usaswim: How is a 4.5 sarcasm? A 4.5 is an extremely good rating. Most people don't even anti-snipe and just rate disregarding the rating.


That's cuz you use fbf. Your a dumbass. Quit it.

Me plays agian.

head esplodes.
this must have taken forever to get everything perfect.


(and an imaginary 5/5 just because of that dam sniper.)
Still under-rated
Damn you snipers! D:<

The average rating on this should be 1.5 points higher. Or at least bitesize it. <sarcasm>4.5aved</sarcasm>


Just a tad bit less enemies, please

To get the thwump.
Dunno if that's on purpose.
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but a 4/5 from me. Too long to load for difficulty, too many mines makes it needed to be perfect, some rockets where gausses should be


you were really unlucky

i didnt realize the guass would kill you if you were going that fast, so i added a door

By the way

Very hard but enjoyable map. 4.5/5


Where is trib4l?

I got a fair way.

Where's Trib4lmaniac when you need him?
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1/3 of the way

maybe a third, im not quite sure
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But this is really good, 4.5/5

just a start...

shows how one of the thwump mechanisms works
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