Hacked: Wires

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Author Muffinthief
Tags author:muffinthief playable race unrated
Created 2006-09-29
Last Modified 2006-09-29
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Description N has been hired by an anonymous customer to hack into an enemy intelligence computer. The customer offered a generous sum for the completion of this task, so N gladly accepted. N was converted into binary and let loose into the internet. He soon found his way to the computer in question and began work his way in. N finds himself in the Ethernet cable of the enemy computer and must fight through the wires to get to the main system.

Note: This is the first in my newest series Hacked.
This is a KRA race based on Monkey_Of_Doom's map "Recipe For Disaster". Please tell me if this is cheatable, Enjoy. (Demo included)

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Good effort, though. 3.5


I wish somebody wouldn't keep giving my maps a 2.5 and not saying anything.

Flow demo

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