Mines Don't Kill Ninjas. Jiggerjaw Kills Ninjas With His Mines.

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Author rennaT
Tags action author:rennat balls can jiggerjaw lick my playable rated
Created 2006-10-02
Last Modified 2007-07-05
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description A dedication to Jig because he has a gigantic schlong and because he wanted me to use this tileset.

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That's vaguely what it was supposed to be anyways.

<Jig> Make it playable, but way too fucking hard.
<Tanner> Heh heh.
<Tanner> Alright.
<Jig> With way too damn many mines and guasses and whatnot.
<Tanner> And seeker drones.
<Tanner> A buttload of seeker drones
<Jig> YEAH!


how do you even get to play the levels on this site


I really don't get how people can actually rate an impossible map a 5. I mean, what's the point? Good maps are supposed to be beatable. Yet this comes up and gets 5s. -_-


I think it might be close to immpossible.

But you should have put the ninja at the door to piss of other people. =P even play a short distance. It seems like the function of those objects seem to overlap a decent amount. We call that clustering.

Get rid of the way-too-many gausses and rockets and drones, and you're left with just some irritating mine-jumper that could have used a little more variation.

It was good, in theory, man. It just doesn't cut it. Just plain impossible... and irritating.

5 out of 5.
And that was amazing to begin with, 5.5/5


I hate you. The torture.


Spectacular. 5/5. Automatic 5/5.