Logical Thinking

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Author Beavis833
Tags action author:beavis833 playable unrated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-14
Last Modified 2005-03-14
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Description have a go its good
if this map is allready there sorry bad internet connection


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i like to apoligise it was my first map and i will try better next time . i justheld e down a moved my mouse all over the screen. hey and if anyone can actually complete this level (without respawning) id like to know

Jesus christ

After attempting to play it i decided it was as bad as it looks. I couldn't move properly because of horrendous CPU usage.


Initial reaction to seeing this map: WTF why are there so many goddamn useless items!? Gold is not needed man! Useless mines are not needed!


My props and then some to anyone who can post a demo of beating this...