Afternoondragon 02 Step 2

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Author Dragon_Moon
Tags author:dragon_moon incomplete rated
Created 2006-11-26
by 24 people.
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Description Jo,Jo! Heres the second step. takes me years ;)

Itsa grey dragon sitting on a rock above the skies (with a brocken wing, like nemetacyst said ;P ) think hes right... But anyway, its better than i thought it would be.

Ill finish the background in the third step. u neednt to rate, because ill erase the last steps if its ready.

but: comments, critizize w.e.

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Looks good so far,

Love the dragon! 4


Really beautiful.


tryed a lot of greens. its possible, but xxx-treme laggy xP
ill see if i make such a dragon... it eats a lot of time...


ill try it, but im not shure if its possible...
looks like charcoal in the background almost (to me anyways)
but seeing your other work, its probably only going to get a whole lot better
Can i suggest a classic green dragon? no one has done that before, probably because noone has found a light green


the purple didnt work :( but its still gonna look ace. i am still thinking that the part where the dragon sits on the rock is a little messy and i see im not the only one - but its hard to see from the thumb so its not really a problem. i no longer think the face is too thin :)


do something else?


i just need some help
u probs dnt know
wen i play on N game
my n jumps lyk 3 secs after i clik space and same
with pressing right n left
do u know wts wrong?

Can't wait!
my nails will be non existent until it comes out. 5/5
Wow! I've got to say that you're one impressive N artist!
Oh, there WAS a yin-yang... That's pretty cool too!
In my opinion, these comments are more importand than a rating of 4.5/5 from 200 people. from this comments i can learn what i can change and where i have to keep on working.

@apg just search a little in my maps, youll find a yin-yang. ;D

To the picture: i had problems with the size of the N-screen. so i had to ahm, 'comprimise' the body a little bit. and another thing: in the 1st step i wrote, that ill make the clouds purple. i tryed diffrent purples but they all dont look like that, id imagined. so ill make the clouds yellow-orange again. =D

good starting.

I think it's a little confuse in the middle (body of the dragon)... The neck is really close to the left wing, and it's blending a little (that's what we call in french "Fu*k the flee", means "searching the very little detail that no one will ever pay attention to"), but well, hey, you wanted comments ! ;)
Very good job.
I'm waiting to see the ending... :)
But by looking at the first Afternoondragon, everyone knows that the final part _will_ be bitesized and rated at least 4.5/5 by, say, 200 people. But it's a good thing to post your incomplete versions here so we can give you feedback. How about making a yin-yang somewhere? The rocky surface could be improved. At the first look, I thought the dragon was swimming in an ocean. Also, the head is a little too thin. But great job nonetheless; I can't wait to see your talent.


it is alreacdy heaps good, i reckon the sky and the rock are actually really well done.... (we know u can do the dragon part superbly)

Looks good so far

The wings need to be fixed a little and I like the tail a lot. So you're on the right track.