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Author MacrossDreams
Tags author:macrossdreams bitesized playable rated uncategorized v1.2
Created 2004-06-08
by 19 people.
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Description You have to press all buttons in order to get the exit door but... when you go to the next room, doors get closed. Wich way will you get?

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best ways come when you done use the side parts.
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I came across this in a file of old maps that I saved a long time ago. I must say this is nicely designed and it was damn good fun figuring out a route. Thank you!
Cuz you only have 18.


What a dumbass. You didn't complete the level, stupid. Oh well, gave me a nice laugh.

5/5 faved bitesized.
I thought this was impossible. This must've took forever to make. How many routes are there?
Here's my demo. It's a bit slower. 125.650
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i love it

and i hate it


was actually quite a fun puzzle. Kudos.
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I dont know if this was permited but i did it anyway.(hey whatever works)
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my route

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Well designed....

but hard 4/5

Nice landscape

The landscape is great -- I love the various shapes of the buttons. The maze idea was fun, too, (especially that one column where you plummet) but getting cornered got annoying after a few tries. Nice one, though.