My Tornado is Resting

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Author legacy
Tags author:legacy bitesized rated tileset
Created 2006-12-25
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description This ded goes out to Palemoon, I shouldn't have done that, I hope you can forgive my irrational action.

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Demo Data

Dis Is Boom Dans

Innit homey.

5... Innit.


Where did you get the idea that this was supposed to imitate WMP?

Faster death demo

Um... yeah.
Demo Data



apg, i managed to die too

This looks great.

Very nice symmetry. Cool stuff. 4.5/5

hell, man.

i didn't take offense. seriously. dont worry about it :] Nice tiles too


you're wrong! heres proof:
Demo Data
-There are two ninjas.
-It's impossible to die without the suicide key.

Very cool.

I love it.
espically this one. 4/5