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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris playable puzzle rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-21
Last Modified 2005-04-21
by 32 people.
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Description I'm back. I went on a vision quest. This is not a product of my journey--but a visceral understanding of my cosmic kismet is. There was a lot of peyote involved.

Enjoy my map, men of the earth.

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@jeff killian

He went on a vision quest, as did all Indian boys when they became men in those days. The took a journey through the desert and ate of the peyote cactus...which, I believe, has been discovered to have been the earliest form of LSD known. So, all of his rambling about how the map is the "visceral understanding of his cosmic kismet" was followed by admitting that he was dropping'm answering a question over a year after it was asked. But I'm determined, and thus, shall do as such. Peace out!
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Really fun

Heres an all gold demo.
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excellent level. very fun!

Very nice

My demo is terrible; the map is not.
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completion demo

for one of my new favorite levels. it looks like your vision quest paid off cuz this new map looks awesome! great job. 5/5
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i dont know,

but now i will. this was alot of fun for a puzzle, though i may not be able to complete it in one go.


has nobody rated this?




That third-to-last part is HARD.
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Oh, great!

BTW, be careful: People hate you now. Remember the user column in N 1.4? Mother Thumping Impossible made it in, and we ain't happy.

You don't have to

Just realize that a legend has returned... And rejoice.


that i understood what he said

I'm rejoicing

The legend is back!