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Author Jumpeplowski
Tags author:jumpeplowski rated test
Created 2007-01-03
Last Modified 2007-01-03
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description In this level, you guessed it, your ninja is INVISIBLE!

However, this must be played in the level editor or else your ninja will randomly spawn somewhere.

The instructions are a bit complicated, so read carefully.

1-If you just opened N, wait for the demo map in the background of the main menu to begin playing.
2- Load the level in the level editor.
3- Press Enter. This will kill the ninja, which appeared where it last was in the previous level you played. If the ninja hits mines or something as it dies, reset the objects.
4-Put your mouse in the bottom left room then press enter. Your ninja will spawn invisibly. Have fun.

Good luck!

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Wow thats cool

4.5/5 for the cool idea and implementation