cross stitch

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Author nnnnoah
Tags author:nnnnoah playable race rated
Created 2007-01-09
by 10 people.
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Description A combination of a race map with a "prisoner" type play. It gets progressively harder, but didn't take me too long to beat; give it a shot!

(also, post a demo if you find a way to cheat, either by getting ahead or behind)

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Whatever you say, Yas, it took me a couple hours. The distances between crossings had to be short enough to be possible, but not so short that you could beat the first zap there and get ahead. Of course, that distance changes depending if N is going with or against gravity, thus the long distances on the upward section, shorter on the horizontal, and really short on the downward.

Add to this the fact that if you want it to be impossible once you get behind, the distance from the final crossing to the point where N enters the zap stream has to be JUST BARELY possible if you're in sync, hence that little wiggle in the last section. Not to mention the zaps have to then block off the exit, which is suprisingly touchy with 10 zaps and a space of 2. No rectangular shape would work, hence the wierd space with the one-ways.

But, maybe you're right, maybe it is "very easy to make." Not a very nice thing to say, though, is it? :o)

Very easy to make

But its cool.



To be honest, not your best. That said, it's still above average compared to the rest of maps out there. I like the look, but the overall pace is frusturatingly slow (I find the angled corners particularly aggravating... maybe 45 degree pieces would have worked better?). And this is just being whiny, but the amount of gold slowed down the loading, so I got fed up... it just wasn't difficult in a good way (as compared to, say,


its a good idea, but its not a race, if you really want to be creative and not have a life, you can time it so that you have to as fast as possible. try seeker drones

all right

OK Jack, I can take it. Thanks for your comment.

2.5 is not below average, its average. And sniping is a 0 vote, not a 2.5 vote which really isnt that bad.

Anyway, i liked the concept of the map, it was interesting but i might have been done before.
Rated 5. Was worth it


2.5, first voter? If it's really 'below average', I'd expect at least a brief comment explaining why. Nobody likes a sniper.

Also, see my demo:
Demo Data